Udupi is a town located in Karnataka state near the city of Mangalore on the south west coast of India.

Udupi is known all over the world, for its temples, its religious fervor and diverse cultural heritage. The Temple City is the headquarters of the district, known world over to the millions of connoisseurs of food as the birth place of Udupi Restaurants.

Welcome to Udupi Palace

Our award-winning restaurant has been recognized as the premier Indian establishment at Gerrard community for the year 2002, and we are determined to keep it that way. We have been offering authentic regional South Indian and North Indian, Vegetarian cuisine here in Toronto since 2001, without letting the clients sacrifice the taste and flavors of fine Indian Cuisine.

For first-timers and South Indian cuisine lovers our soft spongy Idlies, Uthappams and Dosas complimented with authentic home made Sambhar will set a memorable dining experience.

The South Indian Thali is a complete southern satisfaction. For the adventurous one our Fusion and the Chaats will have them coming for more. Our Chefs use all their talents and expertise to create a new edge in healthy, fine Indian cuisine which is Vegan and Gluten free friendly.